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Docks 3D Cenere Mosaico
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Product description

30,5x30,5 cm


From design to fashion, creativity draws inspiration from the charm of vintage.
This is the leitmotif of Docks, the new offer from Fap ceramiche.

A collection of floors in rectified porcelain stoneware with wood effect for interiors and exteriors characterised by the used effect for a “journey” through traditional craftsmanship, that brings back timeless emotions and values.

Docks is a highly charming design, with experienced refinement, capable of transmitting a sense of warmth to the environment. Technical ability and elegance, never flaunted, represent the concept of this series which rereads with a contemporary twist the unmistakable spirit of wood floors perfectly reproducing the knots, the small imperfections and variations in colours and shades. This effect is enhanced by the new 25x150 cm RT maxi format proposed for the version for interiors. In fact, the large size ensures to the veins and colour movement an increasingly vast and realistic aesthetic appeal.

While Docks 2.0, the version for exteriors, is proposed in the 60x60 cm RT format.
These are special 20 mm thick slabs suitable for heavy wear and tear with anti-slip textured surface, with multiple functions – laid on a substrate of gravel, sand or grass, raised, easy-to-inspect installation for terraces, glued for heavy wear and tear floors – which make it possible to create terraces, gardens, swimming pools, paths, walkways, beach resorts and urban flooring, alongside traditional indoor applications, for residential as well as commercial areas.
Perfectly in line with the latest architectonic rules, Docks offers continuity of materials and colours between the indoors and outdoors. All this combined with the peculiarity of porcelain stoneware intended as resistance to wear and humidity, practicality of maintenance, hygiene and unparalleled functionality.
With Docks it is therefore possible to keep the same floor, also in bathrooms and kitchens, with a colour continuity that expands the spaces.

Neutro, Miele, Naturale, Tabacco and Cenere - the five original and elegant colour variations (Docks 2.0 is only proposed in the versions Naturale, Miele and Tabacco): each expresses a different and unique world and personality.
Luminosity and absolute simplicity for the Neutro version; warm traditional atmospheres for Miele; uncontaminated wood effect, without treatment for the Naturale version; the flavour of seasoned wood for Tabacco, and dark shades and the taste of antique wood transformed by time for Cenere.

The charm of Docks is enhanced in Kensington, fascinating decoration with surprising realism which interrupts the surface giving life to a sophisticated inlaid floor. Proposed in 5 colours, in precious 75x75 cm modules, it is ideal for restructuring old houses as well as for enriching spaces with a more contemporary flavour.
Highly elegant, also the mosaics proposed in two versions: as strip tiles, 25x25 cm, which reproduces the industrial parquet effect and in the exclusive relief version, in the 30.5x30.5 cm format that can be used as tiling for “three-dimensional” walls with a strong character.

An excellent result, that obtained by Fap Ceramiche, which constantly invests in the research and development of new materials, refined and special, always with a careful eye on design.

The vast range of Tone on Tone grouts from Fap Ceramiche can also be used for the installation of this collection.

Docks: the materiality of wood meets the purity of ceramic to narrate pure emotions.