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Cielo Lavanda
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Product description

30,5x56 cm RT

White body wall tiles
Thickness 8,5 mm


Colour, soul of the collection

Bianco, Cacao, Grano, Indaco, Lavanda, Malva, Papavero, Prato e Zafferano. The colours of Cielo are true colour landscapes that surround space, widening the boundaries with sophisticated vibrations. The colour, made up of colours, is the genuine soul of Cielo. Cielo’s luminous and full-bodied appearance translates into a colourful seduction that literally lights up walls with pure energy.

Material, a sight to admire
Cielo draws inspiration from the unpredictability of nature. Each tile is a unique piece. With Cielo you can create walls in which every piece is different, obtaining an intriguing and spontaneous overall movement.

Decorations, emerge from colour, personalise space.
From the wealth of these fantastic colours just as many sought-after decorations emerge. Elegant combinations can be invented by choosing between the intense nuances and eclectic decorations. Cielo is an opportunity to imagine and characterise spaces with new horizons. With Cielo there is no limit to the boundaries of.

Size 30,5x56
Cielo comes in one size, rectified. The use of large tiles, 30,5x56, reduces gaps to a minimum. Walls appear wrapped in ceramics.