SaloneUfficio will be the launch pad for an innovative wall panel system that is the result of a growing need to develop designs for all-round integration in the most complex architectural solutions. The Fantoni Group is increasingly having to tackle projects requiring an extremely high degree of integration between architecture, acoustic and air conditioning needs, and I-Wallspace is the perfect combination for achieving technical performance and high aesthetic value. I-Wallspace is a glazed wall panel that integrates perfectly with any type of ceiling and wall by means of tracks concealed in the raised floor and false ceiling: a single embedded track that can take a technical ceiling such as Climacustic or 4akustik, or a simple, plasterboard false ceiling.

This development allows the installation of industrially produced acoustic partitions to achieve optimum acoustic insulation, while sound-deadening performance can be enhanced by incorporating the group’s sound-deadening panel systems for walls or ceilings. I-Wallspace is very easy to install and simplifies internal architectural design, while its flexibility also highlights an extremely uncluttered look. The wall panel is available in single-pane, double-pane or solid version, can be combined with all other Akustikwall panels and can have sliding or hinged doors. I-Wallspace therefore complements the Akustikwall range, enhancing it with an extensive choice of versatile and highly flexible solutions.