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Isle is a modular ceiling cloud system with a very high sound absorbent coefficient. Specially designed to improve the acoustics of any interior, including within pre-existing constructions, even where architectural limits prevent application on walls or ceilings.

Refer to the 4akustik technical data for perforation and milling characteristics.

Four different kind of panels, with varying perforation and milling density provide a wide range of application possibilities as well as excellent sound absorbent performance. Ceiling cloud panel sizes are: 1200x600mm, 1200x1200mm, 2000x600mm, and 2000x1200mm, with an overall tolerance of ±0,1mm. Panels are fixed to steel wires attached to the overhead structure or ceiling using easily assembled frame systems. These panels feature a special lengthwise groove associated with a grid of perforations on the rear side to diffuse sound waves and greatly reduce frequency resonance. The rear surface of the panels is also coated with black sound absorbent nonwoven fabric.