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Mahia Meeting
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Mahia starts out with a table and then uses it to create a range from individual workstations to a business universe. Functionality and aesthetics come together in a single product of unusual proportions that make them immediately recognizable.

A system that tackles the specific needs of users, from the point of view of technology, organization and privacy, which allows different compositions to be created thanks to the modularity with which it has been designed.

Mahia Management
This is a particularly eye-catching product, featuring laminates and woods. The desk is longer and wider and the metallic structure joints the top. The result is an appealing materials mix.

Mahia Meeting
Meeting means sharing ideas and opinions, exchanging impressions and creating together. Therefore, Mahia develops solutions with different materials and specific shapes getting solutions for each type of meeting. And diversity and bringing together different idea is at the roots of the Mahia secret.

Mahia Operative
The Mahia operative version is a system with a high modular development, that can provide solutions whether they are for small, individual studies or larger offices and installations. Thus, the space can be organised in accordance with the needs of each user, whether he is looking for a single simple table or wants to use the whole range of design possibilities. Single, opposite, side-by-side stations can be created, along workstations with extension, to name just a few.