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A mosaic tile treated with a purpose-designed colorant that gives off a phosphorescent light, which charges during the day and emits light in the dark.
This tile is very much used for protection and security purposes: exit notices, indicating reference roads... and it also offers spectacular results as a decorative element.
Who could imagine that when the light is switched off, this material comes to life?

Tiles format: 25 x 25 mm / 1” x 1”
Sheet dimensions: 31,2 x 49,5 cm / 15.43” x 19.49”
JointPoint ® mounted
Order unit: 1 tile
100% recycled glass
Thickness: 4.8mm / 0.189”
Main use:
-Floor and wall covering of both exterior and interior
-Spa and wellness center
-Kitchens and bathrooms
-Swimming pools