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Custom Serigraphy
Custom Serigraphy
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At the service of your freedom of expression

At Ezarri we strive to achieve each of our client´s complete satisfaction. This is why we offer a personalized project service, where we adapt photography, draft or drawing that you have in mind to the glass mosaic so you can personalize your space.
For this process, we use two different techniques: the images made with the traditional mosaic and the ones made with serigraphy.
Traditional mosaic:
The image, drawing or draft that you would like to adapt is developed with 2,5 x 2,5 cm glass mosaics. Each mosaic has a colour and the drawing is produced using each coloured tile as a reference. This is a traditional adaptation technique to the glass mosaic, suitable for big images, geometric motives and simple images that do not require a lot of detail, like names, etc.
We capture the required image into the glass mosaic through a developed process. We could say that we print the image over the mosaic. This is why the bigger quality image we have the better results we will achieve, with a surprising finish where we will be able to appreciate all kind of details. This is a very appropriate technique when the image must be captured in reduced dimensions and we don´t want to lose any single detail of the same.