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The first born
The Gargantua garden table was the first ever Extremis product by Dirk Wynants (1964), designer and founder of Extremis. The further development of Extremis as a company (and a brand) was actually based on the success of this creation. The functionality that characterizes the Gargantua lies in the adjustable benches that can be changed in height depending on social or family circumstance: for adults, or children or as an extension of the table top. Seating for 8 and place for up to 12 people. If one bench is removed, people in wheelchairs can also join the table. The applied materials are perfectly suitable for outdoor use: ecologic hardwood, galvanised and stainless steel.

For all ages and sizes
Gargantua is a multifunctional piece of garden furniture design accommodating at least 8 people (4 benches). Every bench can be unhinged and replaced by a wheelchair or a highchair. For children, the bench can be installed in 2 other adapted heights. With all the benches in the highest position, Gargantua becomes a giant round table accommodating 12 people. It is like having flexible garden furniture benches in your garden. The benches can even be equipped with specially designed cushions. The outdoor teak benches can stand any weather condition, so the Gargantua table doesnt need to be dressed up with a garden furniture cover every night.

Ecologic hardwood
Gargantua is a piece of unpainted furniture, made of galvanised metal (supporting structure of the benches and the frame), stainless steel (middle of the tabletop) and ecologic hardwood. You can perfectly combine the Gargantua table with any other design garden furniture. The combination of these materials results in a perfect balance between design, functionality, comfort and quality.

A renowned classic
If you are looking for discount patio furniture or plastic garden furniture, you will not come across elegant garden furniture like the Gargantua table. Nowadays, Gargantua has become a real classic in patio and garden furniture. It enjoys international recognition and appreciation in the world of garden furniture design.

Imaginary scenario
Imagine, ... It’s spring, one of the first hot evenings of the year. Everybody wants to go outside. While the children are playing in the garden, you enjoy your first outside aperitif. After a while the children start to get hungry and you start to prepare a nice diner and open a good bottle of wine. Why not invite the neighbours over for diner?
A nice summertime has started...