What is Arthur?
Arthur is a table designed to stimulate togetherness, equality and communication. Arthur is available in three sizes: 8 persons, 10 persons and 12 persons. When people sit on a round table, everybody looks at each other, and every position is equal. The table is perfect for situations ranging from family dinners to executive meetings. We found out that the maximum distance between two people to still have a good communication is 2.40m This the diameter of the biggest Arthur (12 persons). A difficulty of a table of this size is transport. Consequently, Extremis divided the table into segments, resulting in very compact packaging. A less practical point of big round tables is the difficulty to grab things that are in the middle or on the other side. Arthur offers a surprising solution for this problem. You can swivel the central circle of the table, allowing everybody to reach almost everything. For outdoor use, you can install a parasol into the middle of the table. For indoor use, Extremis designed the Torch, an oil lamp that you can put in the middle of the table. It creates a cosy atmosphere and reminds of the king Arthur legend.

Arthur mission
The mystical Arthur round table is symbol for justice, equality and joy in life. The round shape stimulates conversation, being one of the most important things in life. These values are the ones that king Arthur already tried to reach many year ago. With conversation and equality he tried to bring peace and tranquillity over the country. It’s a universal and timeless mission everybody with a good heart aims at.

Key points
The goal of the Arthur, equality and communication, resulted in a round table composed/constructed of different segments. This is an example of how we combine a product mission with the practical aspects of handling, assembly, durability, and maintenance.
The use of high pressure laminate is a result of the shape we needed to create regarding the need to pack a big table in a small box. HPL is extremely weather resistant, sun, rain and moisture do not affect the surface or the core. It is also resistant to UV radiation in sunlight, which means that the colors will not change significantly for at least 10 years.

REMEMBER Arthur is perfectly suitable to be used and left outside summer or winter!