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Square redesign, Kufstein
Square redesign, Kufstein
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The lower city square with its old-town buildings – restaurants, cafés and shops – is at the centre of the Austrian city of Kufstein.
In the wake of its transformation into a pedestrian zone, ewo produced fixtures for a lighting system, designed by the architects ARGE Köberl & Giner Wucherer together with the lighting planners from Halotech, in less than two months.

Two lighting systems with different functions are integrated into the spherical lighting fixtures that we developed. The light that shines down from the units installed to provide basic illumination is limited to a 50° angle throughout the entire square, creating circles of light with softly­ diffused edges rhythmically alternating between light and dark. The opaque, sand-blasted plastic spheres, in turn, provide a little highlight at the top of the pole.

ewo equipped the system with programming and control components. Of the three LEDs per lens, only one is initially activated in a cold white that resembles daylight; later, two warm white LEDs are added, transforming the colour over the course of the evening into warm white, thus adapting the illumination to the transition from day to night.

The colour of the light emitted by the sphere can be varied, providing a unique atmosphere for holidays or special events.