Key facts

Product description

Formats: 2440x1220 mm; 3050x1220 mm; 3660x1250 mm; 2800x1020 mm
Thicknesses: Up to 30 mm
INOIS® boards are available in all wood thicknesses and formats.
Core boards: Chipboards, MDF, plywood board and fire-resistant boards.
Drilling: Grid of 16/16 mm, 32.0 / 32.0 mm Ø 4.0 mm up to 12.0 mm

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Exceptional acoustics are ensured through excellent sound absorption performance. Our INOIS® boards optimise a room’s acoustic level. All noble woods can be offered. The back side of the panel is coated with a special acoustic fleece. The edge finishes and surface treatments can be completed with either UV varnish or UV oil, depending on your specifications.
Applications: Wall and ceiling panelling, partition walls and furniture in communal areas and office buildings.