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Product description

The cost of hanging modules with sliding doors can be estimated by summing the price of the structure (available in melamine, lacquered or veneer finish) with the price of the doors. Every hanging module can be mounted with several combinations of doors following the instructions listed below.

The maximum slide for each door is equal to its width. Below are shown the combinations of modules and sliding doors. Additional side panels can be placed every 20 cm (7”7/8).

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Buffet includes a variety of high tables, hanging modules, shelves, columns and useful storage units that can be combined, creating different compositions for coffee-break, self-service and retaurant area. The high table can be equipped with Drawer cabinets, drawers and bases for appliances housing, with retractable multi-sockets and top access.

It has also dedicated compartments for sinks, mixers, induction cookers and cooking hobs. The available appliances are fridge ( to be installed under the top or in a column), combi oven, dishwasher, water dispenser and coffee machines.
Hanging modules and open shelves allow setting up a variety of refreshment areas, from the simplest to the most complex: bar - cafeteria - self service - restaurants.