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Baobab round and Baobab square are versatile sharing tables equipped with spacious worktops able to accommodate up to 8 people in single or shared workstations. A solution that perfectly endorsee the spirit of the Italian Smart Office and its key concepts: Functionality, Sharing culture, Connectivity and Design.
All workstations offers an easy access to electrification via USB and Schüko inputs. The top can be made of melamine on MDF (Ergo top), Fenix laminate or wood; the metal structure is available in varnished finish, chromed metal (P016) or made with the solid oak legs version (P45).
Baobab is equipped with a 202 cm high central oak cone functioning as cable passage and main support for four propeller-shaped palms with integrated LED lighting (leaves are covered in technical fabric with sound-absorbing characteristics).
Rectangular Baobab is available either as meeting table or bench desk (in the version without central cone) or as a sharing and reception table (in the version with central cone). the metal structure is available in varnished finish, chromed metal (P016) or made with the solid oak legs version (P45).Worktop is available with the following dimensions: 220x100 cm, 240x120 cm or 300x150 cm. Useful complementary open fronted accessory box are also available, with dimensions L30-60 x P30 cm x H15-33 cm (with function of flower holder, glove box, document holder).

Baobab Arcipelago is the new amazing evolution of Baobab family: Ergowood countertops (in melamine finish on MDF with inclined edges and visible core) are declined in dynamic and “smart” compositions. The iconic Oak trunk is still lasting with its leaves with integrated LED lamps and the elegant P45 structure, with real Oak wooden leg. Compositions are available in two sizes ( 6 or 8 seats) that can be combined and used as sharing tables, meeting tables, hot desks, or receptions/hospitality tables of high visual impact.

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Baobab is the new High-Connetivity workstation: the circular version with its large rounded worktop (ø 240) can host up to 8 people in single or shared workseats; perfect example of Italian Smart Office and its key-concepts: Functionality – Sharing – Design. The desk is fully connected to power supply by means of Schuko and USB sockets. Worktop can be supplied with melamine, veneer, with main structure in varnished or galvanized aluminium. Baobab features a central trunk in oak finish, height 220 cm, working as cableway and supporting four leaves with integrated LED lights (leaves are upholstered with technical fabric with sound-absorbing caratheristics).

Baobab is also available in rectangular version, with dimensions of 240×100 or 300×150 cm; it is available as meeting table/bench (without central trunk) or as sharing table/reception (with central trunk). Very useful wooden accessories box are also available (with dimension of W 30-60 x D 30 cm x H 10-30 cm) useful as flower pots, object trays, document trays.