Torch Light | T1 cone

Floor lights from Established&Sons, Designed by Sylvain Willenz

Product description

With its tactile, PVC dipped polymer the Torch Light reveals its references to the shape and material of the typical torch, while the diamond-textured diffuser cleverly references the glass of a car headlight. It’s easy to create a fun, vibrant look by combining different colours and sizes within the same space or to state your style by choosing the Torch Light bunch, an ultra-modern feature chandelier. Heroic in black, red or yellow, quiet and calm in signal grey, bespoke drop heights provide architecturally bold pieces for double or triple height ceiling spaces.

S1 cone: Ø150 × H210mm, cable L1885mm 0.4kg
S2 round: Ø150 × H210mm, cable L1885mm 0.4kg
S3 cone: Ø300 × H205mm, cable L1885mm 0.8kg
T1 cone: Ø150mm x H210mm, cable L2000mm 0.6kg
PVC dipped polymer shade and ceiling fixture, clear diamond textured polycarbonate diffuser
black with black cable (S1, S2, S3, T1)
red with red cable (S1, S3, T1)
yellow with yellow cable (S1, S3, T1)
signal grey with red cable (S1, S2, S3)
signal grey with yellow cable (S1, S3)
Technical details
Supply Voltage
220/240Vac, 50-60Hz
110/120Vac, 60Hz
UL certified
Luminaire compatible with dimming devices

More about this product

Part of the collection Lighting.
Manufacturer Established&Sons
Family Torch
Architonic ID 20060587
Order number 0810
Year of Launch 2008

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