Edge is a design created to show-off a brand new technology: OLED lighting. Dubbed the ‘new lighting technology ofthe 21st century’, an OLED is essentially an extremely flat, lightweight panel. When switched off, the panel resembles a mirror but when a current is applied, the panel lights up, casting a gentle, evenly dispersed glow. This product is produced in collaboration with Philips. Philips has named their OLED lighting technology Lumiblade. Unlike traditional light bulbs, Lumiblade does not flicker, there is no glare and no excessive heat emission. Levete wanted to celebrate the wafer-thin nature of OLEDs and so created a light that is reductive in its simplicity. Edge is a flat ribbon of steel twisted into a self-supporting form. A groove is cut into the steel, along which the cable runs, this feature exaggerates the fluidity of the piece. Two OLED panels are positioned on the underside of the steel form. Edge is an ideal task light.