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Twig Plastic
Twig Plastic
Escofet 1886 >
Alexander Lotersztain >
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Seating-Benches >

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Polypropylene LPDE / Translucent White, Micro-textured, Lighting: 3 LED strips White 5000Kº / 60W. 120 V-277. 50/60 Hz. / Anchored / 237x193x46cm: 60 Kg


TWIG PLASTIC can be produced in translucent white rotomolded LPDE plastic, suitable for outdoor and also indoor spaces. The features of this version are its lightness –just 60 kg.-, and the possibility of inbuilt white LEDs or a RGB lighting system to generate the full range of colours and provide illumination in isolation or in combination with concrete TWIGs, forming a mesh with backlit points. TWIG is a system of benches that summarizes the concepts of modularity, interactivity and interconnection. This modularity and interactivity encourages diversity, fluidity and social interaction amongst the users of TWIG. The design of this versatile street furniture allows meeting points to be created in the landscape and new uses of outdoor spaces to be suggested, intermeshing the boundary between constructed zones and public spaces. Architect Alexander Lotersztain designed this piece of street furniture in conjunction with Escofet. It was selected for the Australian International Design Awards 2008 and the ADI-FAD Delta Prizes in 2009.