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Cast stone / Standard color chart / Finished etched. / Free-standing / SO1: 215x50x85cm: 1.622 Kg., SO2: 95x50x79cm: 637 Kg., FFA1: 215x70x45cm: 1.229 Kg., FFA2: 95x70x45cm: 572 Kg.


The SO-FFA system consists of four different parallelepiped volumes in reinforced cast stone. Their simple but powerful geometry is a metaphor for rock hewn in a quarry. Their weight and natural stability makes pavement anchorage unnecessary, and the design facilitates their usage in city spaces or natural settings such as beaches, parks and forests. SO-FFA was created for Escofet in 2006 by BCQ, whose architects, Toni Casamor and David Baena, explain: “The SO-FFA system was originally designed as neutral street furniture for a place where we would have liked to install some seats in black basalt. We realised that anything can be used to sit on in urban settings: a wall, a tree-trunk or even a stone... so, seeing that we didn´t have any stones with the right size, we decided to make them, obviously taking care of the angles and the way they fit together to allow any combination. We were also interested in the way young people use benches; sitting on the backrests and propping their feet on the seat, or just leaning on them, for example; so we thought our group of “stones” would facilitate all those positions and any others as well.”