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Pedra Negra
Pedra Negra
Escofet 1886 >
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Living room/Office accesso...-Waste baskets >

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(1) Reinforced cast Stone, Black, Acid-etched and waterproofed. (2) Zinqued steel door, Black powder coated finish. / Embedded or Anchored with screws / 1.430 Kg., 910 Kg.

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Pedra Negra seeks to blend into the landscape, comprehending it and reinterpreting it in order to convert the element into a feature of the terrain, like a rocky promontory carved in response to the needs of the environment. The litter bin becomes a hermetic marker on the landscape, built in the form of a parallelepiped resting on the paving or buried and slanted and affected by the natural movement of the sand.

Pedra Negra is a litter bin resulting from a design that seeks to define an element adapted to its natural surroundings, such as the black sandy beaches of the Canary Islands, and thereby take on the status of an atemporal element of the landscape.

There are two models. In the first, the element simply rests on the ground and in the second, an extension in volume of 30 cm is added, to allow it to be buried in the sand. It has a black painted stainless steel door which gives access to the interior in which there is a waste bin with a capacity of 100 litres.

Made of concrete in the shape of a polyhedron with an acid-etched stone finish. The door giving access to the interior is made from stainless steel and has a hinge and a triangular-shaped lock. Inside it is a yellow high mass density polyethylene bin measuring 600 x 400 x 350 mm.

The self-standing model requires no anchoring or foundation elements due to its natural stability. The buried model only requires the excavation of a hole of about 30 cm which is then simply packed with sand.