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Jules et Jim
Jules et Jim
Escofet 1886 >
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UHPC concrete (Slimconcrete®) / Standard color chart / Finished etched and waterproofed. / Anchored with screws / Jules: Ø224x80cm: 1123 Kg- 2455L., Jim: Ø224x140cm: 1364 Kg- 2455L.


JULES ET JIM are two versatile garden pot models that share a base, forming a bench beneath the shade of a tree. They can coexist as separate elements or live together in harmony as complementary elements, without conflict. Jules is more open and passionate, while Jim is stricter and more rational. Both plant pots-benches, with a volume capacity of 2400 litres, are suitable for planting species of an average height.

Jules et Jim is the title of Truffaut's film which tells of the love triangle formed by Jules and Jim who are both madly in love with Catherine, who was introduced to them by a friend. The three plant pot models were installed in the public area of the Glorias Shopping Mall in Barcelona, in the hope that they will live together in harmony, sharing the public area for decades, just like the characters in the famous film that served to inspire their creator.
They serve the double function of bench and plant pot, albeit with different geometric and ergonomic characteristics.

Made from two superimposed pieces of UHPC concrete inserted into each other. Moulded and reinforced cast concrete with an etched and waterproofed finish in the Escofet catalogue standard chart colour. Inner waterproofing coating breathable and flexible

They simply rest on the paving, with no need for anchors. Drainage in both plant pots is carried out through the opening hidden in the base with a diameter of 36 cm, without the need for any other drain.