Product description

Chair with 4-legged base and low back for office, canteen, conference, and dining tables.

50 x 54 x 75/45 cm


The furniture manufacturer Engelbrechts A/S is launching the Chairik chair, designed by Erik Magnussen, in yet another material: plastic. Until now the Chairik series has only been available in upholstered models or in plywood with a lacquered, melamine or lazure surface, but from January 2010 variants in plastic will also be available. The Chairik chairs in plastic will be launched in six colours: black, white, turquoise, olive, red and mocha.

The plastic shell is produced in a patented monosandwich process, which is a simple way of combining a hard core (for inner stability) with a stylish exterior. The exterior is given a lightly matted front and edges, and a high-lustre back. The chair comes with a frame with four legs or two runners, both models available with or without armrests. The frame is produced from the eco-friendly chrome CrO3.

Available in the following models: 101, 107, 109, 111, 117