Key facts

Product description

L 68 x B 67 x H 77 cm
L 55 x B 38 x H 45 cm

Available colors: aluminium, antique iron, white, black, sandy, sky, indian brown, red, blue, green, orange, lilac

Colorful and informal, the Arc En Ciel collection is perfect for those who wish to enjoy fully their outdoor spaces however small they are. This range is enriched in 2013 with the addition of a few new elements to create a lounge set up, for maximum comfort and relaxation. EMU in fact now created an Arc En Ciel lounge chair version with armrests, for those chasing the ultimate comfort, with matching stool/footrest and low coffee table, ideal to furnish lounge areas, in both Contract and residential environments.


The Arc en Ciel collection offers a range of colourful solutions to outdoor living, equally suited to balconies at home or large green gardens.
Different sized tables, chairs with or without armrests and footrests, all of which can be folded making this furniture both informal and dynamic.
This collection is full of bright, eye-catching solutions that enliven every context thanks to the wide choice of colours available.

Colours: aluminium, antique iron, matt white, black, grey/green, indian brown, dark blue, mint green, scarlet red, green, blue, orange, taupe, dark green