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30x60 - 634F5R
45x90 - 944F5R
60x60 - 604F5R
30x120 - 554F5R
60x120 - 984F5R

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The authentic beauty of the blocks of stone that stand motionless in quarries the world over is accentuated even more by the natural, random splits that create unusual contrasts, different in every block and always rich in fascination. These contrasts and these unique, authentic stones are the inspiration for the Limestone series. Every surface in the series highlights the visual and tactile contrasts generated by the working of the stone and the natural splits, which are intentionally emphasised in the honed version for an even more real, natural final effect. Limestone comes in 4 colours, White, Beige, Light and Dark, and two different finishes, natural and honed.