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20X20 naturale

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The timeless beauty of natural clay. The Kotto collection creates extremely attractive contemporary interiors thanks to the timeless beauty of clay. The marks left by time and hand processing which feature on this series of XL large size tiles are the basis for urban interiors with personality, style and warmth. Kotto is also a highly versatile collection thanks to the many exquisite decors and the Brick bare brick wall covering, also splendid on floors, giving the potential for a very wide variety of home design combinations. The long side of each brick retains the distinctive sins of hand-moulding and the residues of sand from the mould. On the short side it conserves the marks left by extraction from the mould. This allows bare brick walls to be constructed with the bricks end-on or sideon, conserving the intrinsic nature of the material. The brick series also includes the “whitewashed brick” shade for building the type of whitened wall typical of urban architecture. Last but not least, the range includes a rich choice of decoration, with three decors offering nine different versions, available in all the collection colours. Art, Sign or Texture? The choice is yours.