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Anthology Marble has been created in response to every human being’s need to feel that they belong to a place and time. Marble conveys a sense of calm and security. We are familiar with its quality and beauty, and it has always been part of our culture and the way we build homes. Our challenge has been to give it a contemporary look in line with today’s needs in terms of quality and style.

Anthology Marble is a collection of 4 types of marble selected and chosen to respond to different tastes and needs.
We started the development process by examining the most popular types of marble and trying to understand why people like them. Our findings were:
Royal marfil: marfil. A type of marble of Spanish origin, refined in its colours and subtle patterning. Elegant and delicate, it suits the taste of a selective, cultured consumer.
Velvet marble: daino. An Italian marble (from Sardinia) with a rich, variegated pattern. It will please the decided taste of a person who likes to live in surroundings with decorative value, someone not too bothered about fashion but who pays great attention to details.
Luxury white: biancone. An Italian marble (from the Veneto region), typically chosen by those who like timeless, eternal style. People who want to decorate their houses for ever, so they will never get tired of the materials they choose. This marble can be interpreted in both classical and contemporary ways, and it is used in renovation projects with absolutely modern design schemes.
Wild copper: copper. A Brazilian marble that is a recent entry to the group of best sellers. It has a forthright style, with strong patterning and colours. Modern and daring, it is ideal for all markets, even the most fashion-conscious.

We have developed an old matt version that gives the lived-in sensation of time-worn marble. Marble people have walked on, lived on and prayed on. A surface on which the signs of human usage are indelibly, tangibly impressed, velvet and silky to the touch, slightly opaque in bright light. Then we went on to develop a mirror-bright, smooth, elegant “Lappato plus” honed surface, to display the marble in all its splendour, with no restrictions on its use.

We selected 10 square metres of natural marble of each individual type produced, slab by slab, and then created a graphic design of the same area, attempting to achieve a perfect reproduction of all the details bestowed by mother nature.