Key facts


ELMOVEGETA is vegetabily tanned leather to which no pigmentation has been added. It is a "naked" leather with a smooth structure. The production process allows all natural features to show. Vegeta is extremely soft and has a very high comfort. Like all leathers without treatment, it is delicate and grease, fat and exposure to light will darken it.

Raw material:
Grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. All Elmo leather is dyed through and testad at Elmo's laboratory. A hide is selected at random from every batch of finished leather and checked in accordance with the following:

Thickness: 1,3 - 1,5 mm
Lightfastness: Will patinate
Dry-rubbing: 50/4 | ISO 11640
Wet-rubbing: 20/4 | ISO 11640
Sweat: 20/4 | ISO 11640
Tear-strength: 12 N | DIN 533 29-A

Flame resistance:
Furniture, certificate EN 1021-1
Furniture, certificate EN 1021-2
Aircraft , certificate FAR 25.853(a)

Colour assessment:
Daylight source D 65 closely corresponding to CIE standard light D 65