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Expression | Infini | LZ 872 01
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LZ 872 01
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Fabrics-Drapery fabrics >

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Embroidery with hand-crafted aspect
Composition: 48% VI 43% LI 9% PL
Width: Useful width 120cm (47")
Plus product: Good light fastness, Washable

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Fabric invites us into its sculpture workshop. Through the
studio window, a diaphanous light streams across volumes
of plaster, stoneware vases and marble sculptures, climbs
along ribbons of paper and glides over wooden blocks ... And
while hands carve the material, imagination takes technique
by the hand and textile appears. As if the materials of the
world were metamorphosed and came to express themselves
on the surface. Here, we come into contact with chimeras.
In this minimalist and confidential humming, we sense the
harmony of intangible vibrations, an ethereal breath. By
choosing the paths of a bare, refined aesthetic, they directly
pay homage to the subtlety of the material and to the energy
of the craftsman. An emerging scene where textiles inspired
by ceramics and sculptures tell the story of the world and the
passage of time while taking in the light air of the ideas that
are whispered. Their words are those of textured works, all in
relief and leveling: coated embroidery, wool or paper touches,
structured weaves, overlay effects...