Product description

Function: Furniture integrateable display-system with electronical movement mechanism (display swings after sinking of keyboard with image area facing up into the furniture surface, display stays on line; movement stepless controllable via buttons directly at the device or via media-control-interface). Height of display unfolded: 280mm; (angle ~125°; overhang, rear 30mm); Material: Display-aluminum-frame silvery anodized; blue Plexiglas decorative inlay; 4mm glass pane, antireflection coated; support plate/cartouche in brushed high-grade steel. LCD-TFT-Display: 19"; 16,7 Mio. colors; resolution 1280x1024 optically (interpolated max. 1600x1200 at 60 Hz); contrast typ. 1500:1; brightness 300 cd/m2; viewing angle (hor./ver.) 178°/178°; Further equipment: Single-touch; electronically regulated clamping-protection; interface for media-control systems or remote control; wired, removable USB keyboard with num-block; wired USB PC-mouse with scroll wheel. Dimensions, closed (WxDxH): 480x410x79mm; Weight: 14kg; Scope of supply: Power supply (LxWxH=110x64x34mm), power cord, Keyboard and PC-mouse; Length of integr. VGA-cable from housing: 1,6m

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Monitor system that can be integrated in furniture and has electronic lifting mechanisms for folding and unfolding displays and keyboards (the display swings up into the surface of the table after the retraction of the keyboard and screen, the display remains in operation, movement can be controlled gradually by pressing a button on the device or via a remote control interface), electronically regulated pinching protection, touch screen (optional).