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Frame and backs of all monitor models now available with impressive "glass-covered design".
ELEMENT ONE monitors now available with corporate design.
ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH from Ettlingen, near Karlsruhe (Germany), specialist for monitors and the installation thereof in high-quality conference furniture, is now giving design-conscious customers and customers who wish to have a consistent Corporate Design (CD) in the company the opportunity to equip the display screen frames and backs of the stylish ELEMENT ONE monitors with individually printed glass surfaces.

The monitor frames and backs of all 17" and 19" screens can be printed with any motif you require (pattern, photo, company logo etc.). Special effects can be achieved with pictures that continue over both sides of the monitor. The effect is all the more impressive if the screen saver continues in the frame as a printed image, for example.
Since ELEMENT ONE is the only manufacturer that builds up its monitors in a sandwich-like way and invisibly bonds them together, the aluminum plates that are used as standard can be simply replaced with the printed glass panels or other materials. This means that the motif or glass surfaces can also be replaced at any time.

Unique displays can be created for any purpose in this way. This design feature is particularly suitable for public areas such as museums, foyers, entrance halls, hotels or special shops such as flagship stores etc. In other words, anywhere where you want to make a direct impression. This option is an uncompromising alternative, particularly for internationally operating companies that require a consistent CD for their branches and subsidiaries. However, you can also play around with ideas for the printed glass surfaces for your own personal enjoyment in your own office or conference room.