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Sky is the line of saunas created by Talocci Design for Effegibi, a well-judged combination of technology and style. The simple lines have transformed the sauna into an item of furniture styled to fit attractively into any part of the home. The clear glass reaching up to the ceiling fills your sauna with light, giving you wellbeing and relaxation in an atmosphere of freedom and lightness.
Sky’s three versions allow it to fit easily into any interior design style.
Sky is available in four standard models and can also be made to measure, to ensure adaptation to rooms of all dimensions.

Sky glass
The glass front, door and top give the Sky Glass model extreme transparency and lightness.

Sky techno
Its uncluttered line and the regular form of the door make Sky Techno suitable for modern, elegant design styles.

Sky deco
The Sky Deco model has vibrancy and dynamism. Geometric shapes in a random pattern form stylised floral figures.

Sky 30: 130 x 130 x h 202 cm
Sky 36: 170 x 130 x h 202 cm
Sky 45: 200 x 150 x h 202 cm
Sky 60: 200 x 180 x h 202 cm

absorbed power:
Sky 30: 3 kW max - 230Vac 1N 50-60Hz
Sky 36: 4 kW max - 230Vac 1N 50-60Hz - 400Vac 3N 50-60Hz
Sky 45: 6 kW max - 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz
Sky 60: 6 kW max - 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz

Outside - Inside - Fittings: Canadian Hemlock, 8 mm low-emission tempered glass

colour therapy:
RGB LED lighting with 5 fixed colours and 4 dynamic cycles and white light

ESS – Effegibi Sound System