Product description

Ø 200 mm

Product family


Aluminium plates are shaped by applying pressure into half spheres. (metal spinning). By using a steel ring inside, two half spheres are assembled to one complete sphere. In order to get a wonderful sight in your room, the spheres are cut, using a 3D pattern with laser technique.
Available in measurements: Ø 500 mm, Ø 700 mm, Ø 1000 mm.

Aluminium plates AL 1050, thickness 2 mm

Powder coating:
All spheres are 60-80 mμ,powder coated in standard metallic structured colours: white, grey, sand/silver and bronze/black. Other desired colours available on demand.

Metal disc-shape with inside ring of Ø 150 mm, provided with a laser technique logo. From the ceilingcup 3 metalwires with nipple and standard length of 2500 mm or 5000 mm. In the fittings 3 adjustable wirevalves are located.

An earthed pole of silvergrey textile material. A hollow chrome pole for electric wire with E 27 socket and chrome cap.

The poleset will be delivered completely assembled.