Product description

40*172 cm
Metal | Fabric
1*E27 MAX 100W

Product family


Tango, by Estudí Ribaudí, is a family of decorative lighting with the screen as centerpiece, leaving the structure in the background, but without minimizing its importance. It provides ambient light, or closer and cozy lighting through a set of concealed mechanisms and suggestive movements. The right balance of volumes and a combination of materials, simple and delicate, perceived by touch rather than sight. Tango does not intend to take over the place, but just go with it.
Tango is inspired by the search of closeness between object and person, as it bends over us to accompany us in our reading, helps us withdraw and offers a more pleasant space in our homes. The screen, the axis that runs through it and the light are the only protagonists.

Collection: Pendant lamp, wall lamp, wall lamp + LED reader, table lamp and floor lamp
Material: Metal | Fabric
Light source: 1xE27 max. 100W
Finishes: Grey (ref: DT00062G), Black (ref: DT00062N)