Product description

wool felt, oak, zebrano
ZEP 13 | L 130 cm, H 10 cm, B11 cm
ZEP 9 | L 95 cm, H 10 cm, B 11 cm
ZEP 13 | 32 W LED Module, 3600 lm, 3000 K
ZEP 9 | 25 W LED Module, 2800 lm, 3000 K
Phase control dimmer

Product family


ZEP, our groundbreaking LED fl agship, is now also available with two massive oak-endings. The slim silhouette of ZEP features impressively pure design and innovative technology.
Its two-tone wool felt panel is framed bytwo solid wood trim pieces. The organic felt material
was consciously chosen to direct the light, as it lends the ordinarily rather harsh and cool light emitted by LEDs a soft and warm aura. The natural lighting effect is enhanced
by the Lunopal diffuser, which allows for uniform illumination and complete absence of glare.