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Lind modular storage system
Lind modular storage system
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Lind is an innovative flexible system for furnishing residential spaces, offices, boutiques and exhibition spaces which German Design Council awarded with Iconic Awards 2016 Interior Innovation – Selection.
Lind is a multifunctional system with undefined arrangement of storage/display elements. Specially perforated MDF panels with height between 90 and 275 cm are used for wall cladding and partitions. Modular elements of different purposes ‐ boxes, shelves, drawers, hangers, etc. be used on one or both sides. The position of the elements can easily be changed without tools, which enables the user to change between seasonal or daily usage in accordance to one's preferences. This increases the functionality, overview and capacity of storage space.
From living space to fairs and trade shows Lind's modular panels and elements can be repeatedly used and repurposed for various usages which also makes them quite environmentally friendly. In the context of LIND's dynamic character it is worth noting that modular panels are very easy to move between spaces. It is also possible to purchase extra elements and combine them with the existing ones. As we explore new opportunities LIND system will continue to evolve in both functional and formative sense