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Multifuncional design pedestral with 2 drawers. Full extraction ball-bearing slides and heavy duty sunken swivel castors.
Can be used as a comfortable chair thanks to the M1 fire-retardant fabric covered cushion.

Available colours: White RAL 9010 (S711), Grey RAL 7044 (7044), Aluminium RAL 9006 (S380), Black RAL 9005 (S811),
Orange RAL (S029), Red RAL 3020 (S299), Green RAL 6018 (S024), Light Blue RAL 5024 (5024) e Dark green RAL 6013 (6013)

Dimensions: 450x450x475 (WxDxH)

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Designed for more advanced work spaces, where architecture and design play a leading role, CBox is the container that gives character to rooms, making them more dynamic, colourful and cosy. It is characterized by soft and rounded forms, made possible by laser-cut machining on 2 mm-thick metal sheet that adds enhanced sturdiness to the pedestal. The fronts feature a fold-away handle that is easy to grip, and which becomes a graphic and decorative element. CBox is available in nine different coloursthet can be matched with different fragrances of perfumed interiors to allow for bright solutions and to introduce a personal touch to the environment.
Design by GianMarco Blini.