Product description

1921 Ray symmetric oxide
1922 Ray symmetric black
1923 Ray symmetric grey

Technical features
Luxeon M - 2700K - warm white - 60 lm.
24V dc - IP65 - CE - Class of insulation: III
Rated power: 9 watt

Product family


Architonic path lighting. Configuration: A led-module is placed between two 5mm thick aluminum sheets. The luminaire is provided with a black plastic POM base. It can either be fixed on a solid surface with the included stainless steel mounting plate or into the soil with the separate to be ordered ground spike.

Ray forward, the light is directed mainly to the front side of the luminaire.
Ray symetric, the light is directed to both sides of the luminaire.

The luminaire is equipped with 1 meter neoprene cable:
05RN-F 3x0.75 mm2 | red: +, black: -, white: pwm-dim max 5V.
A separate 24V DC power supply is required to operate the luminaire.

Colors available:
Oxide: oxide2 polyester powder coating finish *
Black: black textured polyester powder coating finish*
Grey: grey textured polyester powder coating finish*