Key facts

Product description

legsaving addition system
capital and traverse bars in polished aluminium
aluminium legs anodised dark grey or painted
lightweight tabletops in linoleum


DO1300 is a convertible table system with 4 legs, and the tables are rigid and stable even at maximum length. The tables come in standard measurements (each with room for 3 wide chairs with armrests). The principle of the table system consists in individual tables with 4 legs. The tabletops are produced in light-weight material and are easily dissembled. A groove on the underside of the tabletops controls the tabletops as they connect with the rim of the frame. The light-weight tabletops can easily be lifted by one person.

With two legs removed from one table, the rims can be mechanically attached to another table and the tables can be used joint with two legs less thereby ensuring optimal space at the sides of the table. Attachment and detachment of legs and rims is done by loosening the big knurled screw that otherwise serves as a rest for the tabletop.

Meeting tables
Canteen tables
Classroom tables
These tables are also suitable as work stations

Adjustment: The legs are adjustable in a 10 cm height range

Capital: Lathed aluminium parts
Legs: Anodised anthracite aluminium or painted in orange, red or yellow
Rims: Extruded solid profiles
Pipes: Anodised anthracite aluminium or painted orange, red or yellow

Custom made with optional measurements, design and thickness. Tabletops are produced in light-weight material or MDF. Thickness: 27 mm.

Tabletop surface:
Linoleum, veneer or laminate

Tabletop size:
Square tables:
140x140x2.8 cm

Rectangular tables:
215x107.5x2.8 cm (with space for 3 wide chairs with armrests)

* Cable trays with or without electrical and PDF sockets equipped
* Front panels
* Cable management fitting in aluminium
* CPU suspension frame