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DO1100 Meeting system
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Product description

anodised aluminium columns
polished aluminium feet and discs
white painted tabletops gloss 70
cable access via disc through columns

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The DO1100 meeting table system is based on column support with optional continual length and breadth on the table. A solid lathed aluminium disc forms the mechanical assembly point for feet and columns. With the assembly point on the outside, pulling computing and electrical cables in the columns is easy and accessible. From the exit point in the top part of the columns, cables are pulled directly to an access point in the table top or to the cable tray with or without fitted socket panels for electrical and PDS connections. The tables are of a rigid and highly stable construction. The legs are fitted with adjustable aluminium feet.

Two-section tabletops are joined on the underside in a milled groove with dog-bone type joining pads. Tabletops are custom made with optional measurements, design and thickness.

Tabletop surface:
Natural ash or black stained ash veneer / solid edge
Maple veneer / solid edge
Compact laminate
White laminate / white laminate edge, dyed in the grain (or painted edge)
White laminate / white ABS edge
Black linoleum / black linoleum edge (or painted edge)

* Feet: Polished aluminium with lathed adjustable feet
* Rim: Polished aluminium
* Columns: Anodised anthracite aluminium or painted orange, red or yellow
For measurements smaller that those mentioned below, please refer to the DO1200 table series

Round tables
1 column: minimum measurement round tables Ø 90 cm / maximum measurement round tables: Ø 140 cm.
4 columns: minimum measurement round tables Ø 200 cm / maximum measurement round tables: Ø 300 cm.

Square tables
1 column: minimum measurement: 90x90 cm / maximum measurement: 140x140 cm.

Boat shaped and rectangular tables, width 140 cm.
2 columns: minimum length: 215 cm. / maximum length: 280 cm.
3 columns: minimum length: 240 cm. / maximum length: 520 cm.
4 columns: minimum length: 320 cm. / maximum length: for boat shaped and rectangular tables more than 149 cm wide double columns are used, i.e. 2 columns carry the width of the table.

* Cable management fitting in aluminium
* Cable trays equipped with electrical and PDS sockets. We recommend that the cable tray is equipped with 2 electrical sockets and 1 PDS socket.