More and more we notice that decorative mirrors are selling better than a mirror in the classical sense of the word (rectangular or round full surface mirror).

The Latin word “FLOS” means “flower” in English. With the FLOS mirror we wanted to create a new contemporary and modern mirror with a diameter of 105 cm, which can be considered as a wall decoration. There clearly is a flower motive of mirror parts, obtained by leaving other glass parts transparent … a technique that only a few manufacturers have mastered. This does not obstruct the functionality of the mirror. Symmetrical it is a quiet drawing, a motive with a soft lining … young and cheerful.
This mirror belongs to a modern contemporary interior as a decorative and/or functional element.

The mirror glass is 5 mm thick, which gives it more body, with an edge finishing in C. A new kind of hanging device was developed, making the mirror stand away 2 cm from the wall.The mirror is individually packed in solid cardboard.

Production: in our own factory in Belgium
Goal: wall decoration with mirror