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Thanks to the fact that we silver our mirrors in our own factory, Deknudt Mirrors has the ability to manufacture mirrors printed on the backside (before silvering the glass).
But even more impressive is the technology to make mirrors with partially transparent spaces.

The mirrors « ECLAT » are tilted mirrors frozen in their fall. Due to the slanting hanging, the illusion is created that they are falling. This effect is even bigger due to the fact that the reflecting part of these mirrors does not cover the entire glass plate, enabling a view on the wall through the transparent parts. It is the right mix in which transparency and reflection are interwoven. Reality and illusion intermingle.

These mirrors can be hung in 4 different directions, which offers a lot of possibilities to compose your own atmosphere and combination.

The glass has a thickness of 5 mm.
2 sides are beveled with a classical bevel of 20 mm, the 2 other sides are just grinded in F.

This family consists of 3 dimensions:
ECLAT 1 45 x 45 cm
ECLAT 2 45 x 105 cm
ECLAT 3 50 x 160 cm

A new hanging was designed to be able to hang the mirrors in all directions. On top of that it makes the mirror stay away from the wall about 2 cm, creating the impression that it is floating. Individual packaging in solid cardboard.