Product description

Deknudt Mirrors is playing with colour and shape in this design. The big rectangular frame is textured and gets an irregular structure. Do you see a knotty dragon skin? Or is it merely an impression? The copper metal leaf with patina enhances this illusion and gives the light random play. The Dragon mirrors are majestic in shape and subtly surprising in their finish.

Size: 116 x 140 cm
Material: Polyurethane

Product family


Dragon is a mirror that demands to be looked at. A mirror that wants to be big and beautiful. Thanks to outstanding decoration and classical shape, it is a real seducer. An eye catcher for your interior. This new trendy copper decoration really is a worthy variation on the long existing and very successful silver edition.

Backing: On the back our classical metal wire hanging is fitted to allow for horizontal or vertical suspension (type A in catalogue) by means of the little eccentric discs.
Packing: The mirror is individually packed in solid cardboard.