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Obelisk Table
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Art of the garden

With the OBELISK collection, DEDON shows how an impressive work of art can be made out of four chairs and a table: modular, powerful, and surprisingly versatile. Together, OBELISK gives the impression of a long, spreading stone, and stands out like a work of art in any setting. When the six-piece sculpture is taken apart, the precisely thought-out design concept behind the art work becomes clear. The seating elements and table have been thoroughly coordinated according to a design vocabulary so that when pieced together they create an exterior surface held together by a pin and the corresponding socket. With the flush-lying surfaces, OBELISK also offers stability and strength in inclement weather.
The support base is formed by a steel piece that serves as the main pillar for the cylindrical table. Beginning with the S chair, the pieces are attached piece by piece, and the table top and cushions are stored in the inner area. Designer Frank Ligthart was inspired by the menhirs in Carnac on the French Atlantic. More than 3000 rounded stones have been there since the Neolithic age, for more than 5000 years. A mystical, magical place.

Colours: Stone, New 2008: Platinum
Material: Handwoven DEDON fiber on a powder-coated aluminum frame

The OBELISK set consists of:
2 x Lounge chair S
2 x Lounge chair M
Table Ø 56 cm (Tabletop, Table foot, Table frame)