Tranquil seating and modern design. A recent creation, the DS-2630 Boculino is already set to become a genuine classic. Refreshingly youthful to look at, the chair is the little brother of the legendary DS-2650 BoCu armchair and is the brainchild of Swiss designer Jörg Boner. The blend of two-dimensional and three-dimensional lines here creates a new contemporary take on aesthetic looks married to the ultimate in seating comfort. The commodious sitting area with armrests that appear to have sprung into being almost by accident form a continuous shell with comfortably ergonomic back and arm support that make you want never to stand up again. The choice of bases ensures that it fits seamlessly into any situation and meets every requirement. The DS-2630 Boculino wraps you in a loving embrace to deliver unmatched comfort and seating pleasure and to make it the perfect companion for long evenings spent in good company.