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Natural Terracotta | TR2 (Mattcare)
Natural Terracotta
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Flooring-Ceramic flooring >
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Clay, water, fire and air are the four natural elements that, supported by man’s hands, give life to natural Cotto Etrusco. COTTO ETRUSCO production process starts with an accurate selection of the best clays, wisely blended, that are worked with ancient handcraft techniques without the aid of mechanical machinery. Each piece is shaped using handmade wooden molds and left on the ground for 20 days until it is completely dry from natural air circulation. During this delicate process our artisans make daily checks, implementing scrupulous quality controls and making sure that each piece dries properly. Once they are completely dry the products are finished on the edges and finally baked for ten days in wood-burning ancient stone kilns. This procedure gives an exceptional solidity to the Cotto items, but above all a wide range of shades in warm colors that make COTTO ETRUSCO an absolutely unique and inimitable product.