Product description

This silver surface resembles the color of the clouds in winter when the storm subsides and the sun rises little by little over them.

Product variants

Product family


Silestone Cielo
The Mediterranean, its light and its warmth inspire these pastel colors, resulting in an incredible series that takes you to a dream place.

Silestone Tropical Forest
This series is inspired by the forests of Madagascar and the transparency of the best quartz from this island.

Silestone Life!
Silestone® Life! It is a vibrant and energetic bet. It is characterized by vivacity and daring bright colors. Their tonalities suppose a strong and transgressive decision.

Silestone Stonium
When technology found a way to enhance the beauty of some natural stones. The Stonium Series reflects the deepest union of the artificial and the natural.

Silestone is composed of more than 90% quartz. With more than 80 colors and different textures, it is the ideal surface for interior decoration, both in kitchen and bathroom countertops and in other household applications.