Product description

Rusty tones, steely shades and the wear-and-tear of living spaces have inspired Camden. A soft, delicate, homogeneous gray, with a fine grain and a very subtle white veining. Camden is cement gray. It is a versatile, adaptable color, easy to incorporate with any decoration thanks to its homogeneity. Perfect for everyday decorations.

Camden is perfect for young spaces designed to inspire creativity, places full of energy with urban materials: shiny metals, hard-wearing and casual fabrics like denim, imaginative surfaces and vivid colors, that contrast with integrity. Camden’s tone has a wide chromatic variety and recreates very different atmospheres.

Product variants


2020 will be remembered as a time of deep social change. Changes that we have experienced in recent years have cultivated a hyper-connected world; a more condensed, yet increasingly individualistic society. At the heart of everything, is a search for the bare necessities. Senses are no longer just digital but are becoming the best tool in this new era.

We are enjoying contact again, in our relationships with others and with objects. We are rediscovering authentic experiences that touch every aspect of our lives. Cities in this new reality continue to offer the latest trends, whilst striving to meet everyday demands of life.

Streets are alive and make us experience colors, textures and smells. Silestone Loft Series has managed to extract the essence from 5 iconic places worldwide. Unique places which offer a special kind of industrial beauty in their streets, buildings and urban areas, an essence then brought to homes through a new purely urban collection.

Homes become extensions of the neighborhood, places where we are in constant contact with source materials. In this relationship, they both receive and convey emotions. This Loft Trend Guide was created with the aim of showing all the possibilities of Silestone Loft, and of encouraging you to travel with us to these unique corners of the world.

Enjoy the journey. We are leaving.