Key facts

Product description

Biscuit porcelain,
coated metal canopy,
tin-plated wire rope,
Illuminant GY 6,35 halogen 50 W/12 V
29 x 27 cm (X), 34 x 28 cm (Y)

Product family


Prominent symbols in porcelain.

Typography as an illuminating decorative element: the light-figures of the Xy-series add timeless emphasis to the room and seem unostentatious, in spite of their powerful presence.

Discrete metal wires allow the pendant lamps to float perpendicularly against the wall, and cause the gaze to wander between the lamps’ individual porcelain bodies. The table lamps rest on flat, anthracite-coloured metal bases, which design is reduced to the bare essentials, yielding a free and playful effect of the porcelain body.