Product description

Delicate porcelain sheets are floating in space amid a series of vertical lines.
A sensual, delicate light object and a special highlight for a variety of settings, like foyers, stairwells or lounge areas. The object’s size and illumination technique as well as the design of its individual components can be adapted to the requirements of the room and situation.

The different implementation of the LEAVES in the pictures:
12 – 30 porcelain sheets
biscuit porcelain red at 1400 o C
surface texture creased
23 x 16 cm 25 / 40 stainless steel rods
L 120/160/ 280/ 300 cm - other sizes on request
canopy in aluminium, white coated
70 x70 x 8 cm / 100 x100 x 8 cm - other sizes on request
illumination NV Halospot 111 ECO, 4 x 60 W / 8 x 60 W – LED on request.