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Sitting in state: not here. Pilotis wants to be lived in. This is the reason for the deep seat and reclining elements – sloping or straight – which are more than open to a playful combination with tables and shelves. But the new petite variant for small apartments and small rooms also makes a big impact.

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A single place where you can do anything you please, without having to move a single step. Read, watch a film, listen to music, make phone calls, work, talk to family and friends, play, celebrate, eat, drink, relax . . . Pilotis is just such a place, where all of life comes together. The centre of your home—and also the focal point in the room.
In a sufficiently spacious room, though. Because of its generous proportions, the sofa is by no means a piece of furniture to be left languishing modestly against the wall. It wants to be approached from all sides. And, from an appropriate distance, marvelled at from all sides. Just look at my expansive cushions, my fine back, my delicate feet, table, tray, shelf . . . What more could you want?
Nothing, thinks the observer, whilst reverently admiring its silhouette, different from each perspective, al- most like a rugged mountain land- scape. All that is missing is the sun rising from behind the cushions, or a circling mountain eagle.
More about the wonderful places and niches to explore in Pilotis’ landscape later. This architectural piece of furniture owes its easily combined, ingenious multifunctionality and cosmopolitan grandezza to the Italian designers Metrica, from whose pen it originates.

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