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TILE Tunable White
TILE Tunable White
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Interior lighting-Light strips >
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Use TILE Tunable White to replicate natural light both in scale and through dynamic changes in color temperature to create immersive environments that set and change the emotional experience of spaces, or use dynamic CCT to highlight merchandise for seasonal retail displays or showcase architectural features in hotels, restaurants, conference centres and plazas. Unlike most tunable white products, a unique system design provides constant lumen output at all CCTs in the range 2700K-5700K and at all dimming levels. A new dim-to-warm option allows for more intimate illumination for hospitality environments starting at 3500K at 100% output down to a very warm 2200K at 0.05% dimming levels. TILE Tunable White incorporates C-Tune technology to substantially lower the cost of tunable systems, reduce installer error, and simplify the wiring and controls. Combined with Cooledge’s family of power and control products, the tunable white capability can be accessed using simple control interfaces, building controls systems, and even wireless devices such as a tablet or smartphone. These cut-to-fit means systems are adaptable to any size installation and can accommodate obstacles and shapes.


Area illumination source for backlighting luminous surfaces