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Modern entrance doors
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Product description

In addition to their sound-absorbing properties, the doors in ComTür’s range of individual internal sound insulation doors offer tremendous design freedom and safety. There are minimum requirements that apply to the required airborne sound insulation of doors between certain areas and rooms to prevent sound from outside apartments and external work areas from penetrating inside. Depending on the specific area of use, these requirements are divided into the sound insulation classes SK1-SK4 with sound absorption values (Rw,P) of 32 dB, 37 dB, 42 dB and 47 dB respectively. Sound propagation is also prevented with a floor seal or a second level of sealing.

Main features

DIN: 4109, EN ISO 140
Class: SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4
Area: Depending on the requirements – in public buildings, multistorey buildings with apartments, working areas, hospital wards, hotels

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Secure, sound insulated, and customizable
The most important property of an apartment entrance door is the security and safety it offers against burglary, weather, and noise. Apart from this, of course the entrance doors need to blend in with the design concept of the house exterior – while also suiting the personal tastes of the apartment owner on the inside and, on request, also matching the internal doors. Thanks to our flexible production setup and the modular construction principle of our functional doors, ComTür is able to meet these requirements perfectly.